Roots Accelerator

Solodex Roots Accelerator

Having difficulty with your hair growth? the help has arrived. Having an unhealthy hair can affect its growth, Roots Accelerator innovative formula, works on several factors to assist in re-growing your hair along with its protection from harmful UV rays and damage. 

A combination of many supplements which

• Promote hair elongation. • Fight Hair Aging. • Reduce the damage caused by free radicals. • Enhance scalp and follicle health producing youthful, voluminous looking hair. • Improve hair shining.

The Technology

that gives superior inner strength for the hair shaft & creates additional hydrogen and ionic bonds with the hair keratin structure improving hair shaft physically.


How to use?

Apply 5-6 puffs of the accelerator lotion once daily directly on the scalp or in the palms of your hand then distribute and massage the product across the whole scalp – do not rinse.

Recommended Duration for usage: 3- 6 months.