Roots Cream

Solodex Roots Cream

You can’t fight today’s hair problems the old – fashioned way. Solodex Roots generated new technologies with natural ingredients and introduced them in its cream to present you an innovative way to resolve the hair damage either from heat, dying…etc. Enhancing the hair shafts physical properties.

Gives Superior inner strength for the hair shaft & creates additional hydrogen and ionic bonds with the hair keratin structure, that withstands frequent exposure to damage from excessive water, traditional conditioners & dies.

Creates healthy film over hair without Silicone side effects.

Provides ultimate hydration for the hair shafts by improveing hair manageability.

Contains Argan oil & Shea butter that provides optimum nourishment for hair.

Induces keratin formation and hair shaft re-construction.

How to use?

Apply sufficient amount of the cream on your hair from root

to tip – once daily

Recommended Duration for usage: 3- 6 months.