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Solodex Roots Collection

Do you remember how healthy and great your hair used to be? but due to many reasons (hair loss, hectic lifestyle, heat application, dying, fad dieting, or genetics) you have lost it along the way. Solodex labs have combined its Italian expertise with recent technology to provide all beauty seekers, with an innovative and unique formula to restore the consistency and density of their hair.

Solodex Roots formula
works in several steps to restore your hair

Minimizing perifollicular fibrosis
Preventing hardening of hair shafts and collagen build up around it
Potassium channel opener – prolonging anagen phase
Promoting proliferation of dermal papillae cells
Hair reconstruction
Rejuvenating hair Roots
Hair growth stimulation

Re-densifying technique


Enhances Hair Growth In 4 Months


Promotes Hair Denisty In 4 Months


Reduces Hair Loss In 5 Months